Life Coach  -  Inspirational Speaker  -  Color Analyst  -  Personal Trainer  -  Model  -  Pageant Title Holder  -  U.S. Veteran           

 Survivor  -  Overcomer  -  Advocate  -  People Lover

Rachel Chapin Martinez

Prepare to be changed forever! 

"Dream big...the sky is not the limit, the outer edge of eternity is!" 

~ Rachel Chapin Martinez

Define your goals and partner in discovering the best plan of action to create the success you desire to transform your life. 

Imagine discovering your passion, purpose, and destiny...

Has life just not quite

worked out as planned?

What you can expect in 

energy leadership coaching?

As a certified Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner, Rachel been trained to help you raise your energy level, create a new way of being, and lead like you never have before. After taking the assessment that analyzes your energy levels, Rachel discusses the results with you to give you a clear understanding of your unique energy levels.  Then in partnership with Rachel, you can work toward your desired energy level as you learn how these energy levels show up in your life. You will also learn how to recognize when you are operating at each energy level and how to move from one energy level to another.  As Rachel helps you uncover anything that is blocking you from getting to your desired energy level, you will discover a new awareness of the world around you and an understanding that brings a dynamic dimension to your life like you've never known before. Through this new awareness and ability to increase your energy level at any time, the possibilities for your life become limitless. This is truly the opportunity of a life time. Explore how to access more energy that could take your ability to live and lead to new heights. Find out how you could authentically and naturally discover the life and environment you have always wanted!  Contact Rachel for more information about the Energy Leadership Assessment for you and / or your entire team.  Rachel is also available to work with organizations to raise the energy level of the entire work place. 

  • Does the thought of having a soaring energy level inspire you?
  • Are you ready to build a life of love, relationships, and laughter?
  • Would you like to lift those you lead with a contagious energy?
  • How would you like to make money while loving what you do?
  • Are you ready to live your destiny to the fullest measure possible?

Find out how

to live at a higher energy level naturally!

Life Coach  -  Inspirational Speaker  -  Color Analyst  -  Personal Trainer  -  Pageant Title Holder  -  U.S. Veteran

Survivor  -  Overcomer  -  Advocate  -  People Lover

Overcome obstacles,

understand your true self,

and develop personally in the areas of...

Interpersonal Communication,

Public Speaking,  Body Language,  Image,  Changing Habits, 

Health and Fitness,  Relaxation,

Confidence,  Charisma,  Fun!