What if you could find out all of the exact colors that you look your very best in  within a matter of a few hours?  The great news is that you can!  Rachel has been certified in highly specialized and unique training to analyze your personal colors.  With years of training starting in 1994, Rachel has come to understand color and it's unique relationship to your personal coloring.  Rachel has also taken rigorous training with 12 Blueprints.

Take a look at nature and you'll see that there's a blending and mixing of color that feels refreshing, soothing, and even breathtaking.  The fascinating thing is that it doesn't clash or leave you feeling overwhelmed.  People are not the exception to this.  Each person has a natural color that blends and mixes well with a specific set of colors.  No matter who you are or what you do for a living, you can benefit from knowing which colors are your best.  What are YOUR best colors?

 Look and feel like the winner in every category 

with colors that match you and your personality!

Whatever your situation is, look and feel your best knowing

your wearing what makes you come alive and shine!

  Discover your best white, how to make your eyes sparkle and your lips look dreamy with your perfect colors! 

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Personal Color Analysis by Rachel Chapin Martinez

Each individual fits into one of the twelve different categories that match the seasons throughout the year.  Each of the four seasons of winter, spring, summer, and autumn have three sub categories.  Some of these categories are a combination of two seasons.  While everyone has a each general color in their palette, they each have a unique and specialized version of that color that fits uniquely into their particular season of colors. 

Establish trust and look professional

in the colors that match yours.

Go glamorous again with colors that will light you up!

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By wearing the colors that you look your best in, you become more attractive as your skin's blemishes fade away, your best features are highlighted, and your eyes sparkle with life.  Not only do you look more attractive in colors that are your personal best, you become more trustworthy by appearing to be in agreement with your clothing as they send the same message to the viewer.  While this may be subconscious on the viewers part, there is a tremendous amount of validity regarding the impact of color and personality agreement. 

Life Coach  -  Inspirational Speaker  -  Color Analyst  -  Personal Trainer  -  Pageant Title Holder  -  U.S. Veteran

Survivor  -  Overcomer  -  Advocate  -  People Lover

      Life Coach  -  Inspirational Speaker  -  Color Analyst  -  Personal Trainer  -  Model  -  Pageant Title Holder  -  U.S. Veteran           

 Survivor  -  Overcomer  -  Advocate  -  People Lover

Rachel Chapin Martinez