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      Life Coach  -  Inspirational Speaker  -  Color Analyst  -  Personal Trainer  -  Model  -  Pageant Title Holder  -  U.S. Veteran           

 Survivor  -  Overcomer  -  Advocate  -  People Lover

Health and  Fitness

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Life Coach  -  Inspirational Speaker  -  Color Analyst  -  Personal Trainer  -  Pageant Title Holder  -  U.S. Veteran

Survivor  -  Overcomer  -  Advocate  -  People Lover

What are your goals for your body?

Need a break from the stresses of life? 

Want to learn more about how to relax?

Rachel Chapin Martinez

Have you tried all the gimmicks and fad diets without the long-term results you were looking for?

Are you getting ready for a pageant, your wedding, or just want to look great on the beach?

I can help you achieve your ultimate fitness goals!

Rachel is a certified personal trainer, yoga instructor, and former weight loss counselor.  She has also studied health and nutrition intensely since 1986.  With a wealth of holistic knowledge, Rachel is able to help people find health and wellness for the entire body through many different modalities.

Having overcome a great deal of trauma from brain injuries and heart failure to ruptured discs an partial paralysis.  As a result, Rachel understands the importance of taking every aspect of the body and mind into consideration when working with each client.  While taking into account each person's unique situation, Rachel challenges her clients within their limitations.  This allows each person to successfully reach their goals whatever they may be.  Whether it is accountability or encouragement you are looking for, Rachel is her client's best cheerleader in her relentless in her pursuit of your best.